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A Healthy Attitude
“Healthy growth” certainly has more than one meaning for EUROPIPE: by this we mean health promotion, prevention of work-related illnesses and accident prevention throughout the entire company. Occupational safety and the EUROPIPE health programmes are based on legal requirements and ISO 45001 standards – taking them a step further.

The people in charge of health and occupational safety take their tasks very seriously and give them the highest priority. Health protection and occupational safety are additionally controlled on a centralised basis at EUROPIPE in order to ensure objective monitoring and consistently high quality.

Success has many fathers 
The founders of the EUROPIPE group wrote history with their pioneering work. This success story is being continued today by a team of highly motivated staff who greatly identify with the company.

Through qualified advanced training and specialisation, among other things, we enable our staff actively to share in our total productive management and employee suggestion system. Thanks to the creativity and the solution-orientated approach of our staff, EUROPIPE is now continuously achieving improvements in all processes – innovations and savings that benefit all involved.


Investing into the Future 
Environmental awareness has been a part of our company's profile for many years. EUROPIPE is a future-orientated company that respects and protects the environment. Today, with this conviction as a basis, we work with a system that fulfils the high requirements of ISO 14001. This standard secures systematic work with the concept of environmental protection in all stages of development, manufacturing and service.

We are able to assess environmental impact better and take appropriate steps to minimise it. Our precise environment management and a deliberate ecological orientation throughout the entire company means handling resources responsibly.

We are active all over the world. And this is why we advocate internationally uniform environmental standards and their application. Because we are thinking of today – and of tomorrow.

Code of Conduct

Guideline for Proper Behaviour of the EUROPIPE Group 
EUROPIPE intends to set standards: in the interests of our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. These standards will support strength for our accountable corporate activities with a declared belief in our responsibility to society.

This is the reason why we have developed a code of conduct for the complete EUROPIPE Group. Our code of conduct specifies the extent of requirements made to the executive management, the company's senior managers and its employees. We also expect temporary employees, consultants and our suppliers to base their activities upon this code.

We are convinced that in this way we are able to strengthen our foundations for trustworthy honest cooperation both with each other and with our environment. We would be pleased to send you our brochure "Code of Conduct – Guideline for Proper Behaviour of the EUROPIPE Group". Please use the following order form. Alternatively you can download the PDF version directly.

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