Pipes for Optimising pipelines

Optimisation lines guarantee providers of natural gas the ability and security to deliver, as well as ensuring consistent pressure conditions in the municipal gas distribution system. 

They enable the isolation of gas supply and gas usage, thus enabling cost-efficient gas purchasing on the spot market.

In the final analysis this means: attractive gas prices for gas customers, and a reduction of CO2 emissions, as optimisation lines make the utilisation of gas as a primary energy source more appealing. All of this increases customer satisfaction considerably.

At the end of 2007 / beginning of 2008 EUROPIPE delivered large-diameter pipes for two optimisation lines with a total length of 24 km in the dimensions 1422 x 23.5 mm, material L485MB, to RWE Power AG, Essen. At volumes of 2.2 million m³ and 1.3 million m³, these two optimisation lines are destined to supply two gas power plants, and constitute the largest facilities in Europe.