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Every logistics centre in the EUROPIPE Group's manufacturing facilities has storage and loading capacity that corresponds to the capacity of its pipe mill.

For overseas projects, there are large storage capacities available at our three ports of departure (Bremen and Brake in Germany, Dunkirk in France). The unloading capacity at the ports is up to seven pipe trains per day, with a loading capability of up to 800 pipes per day. This enables ships to be loaded with up to 40,000 tonnes of pipes.

Oncarriage by road to the final storage place is of course also possible, with up to 100 HGV loads per day. In the event of disruptions to the supply chain, we use alternative routes that are already in place. In addition, we organise and coordinate transfer facilities along the transportation route. We meet the highest security and quality standards to prevent the pipes from being damaged during transport. In addition, EUROPIPE has a comprehensive network of surveyors worldwide, who support our clients with a best-in-class logistics infrastructure.