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EUROPIPE PortraitThe EUROPIPE Group was formed in 1991 by merging the large-diameter pipe activities of Dillinger Hütte and Mannesmannröhren-Werke. Both companies have a long history, stretching back hundreds of years.3 MBEUROPIPE Global ExcellenceStrengths, Solutions, Advantages6 MBProducts for the Oil and Gas IndustryEUROPIPE has a focused position in the large-diameter pipe manufacturing industry.2 MBProduction rangeEUROPIPE offers a broad range of products for the oil and gas market. Longitudinally welded line pipe is available in diameters from 508 to 1,524 mm (20” to 60”) and wall thicknesses from 7 to 45 mm (0.275” to 1.772”) and in lengths of up to 18.3 metres (60 ft).354 KBSpecial ProductsThe strengths of EUROPIPE Special Products lie in the ability to adapt our core expertise to specialist projects.998 KBLarge-diameter pipes for Optimising PipelinesWe have succeeded in making Optimising Pipelines based on large-diameter pipes one of the most economical systems for the short-term storage of natural gas.349 KBEUROPIPE CoatingEUROPIPE offers a whole range of technically optimised, cost-effective coating solutions.786 KBProduction and testing of large-diameter pipesProducing large-diameter pipe involves controlling immense forces, meeting extreme tolerances and guaranteeing quality under all circumstances. Comprehensive inspection and testing systems help us achieve, test and document this quality – step by step and with the utmost accuracy.1 MBPre-material for large-diameter pipesAll our pre-material partner facilities are equipped with the latest in technology and software to capture, transmit, archive and evaluate all relevant quality data. Our pre-material suppliers guarantee and prove full traceability, from casting to the released plate.346 KBThe World of EUROPIPEGroup Image Brochure1 MBCode of Conduct | DEVerhaltensrichtlinie der EUROPIPE Gruppe320 KBCode of Conduct | ENGuideline for Proper Behavior of the EUROPIPE Group324 KB