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EUROPIPE PortraitThe EUROPIPE Group was formed in 1991 by merging the large-diameter pipe activities of Dillinger Hütte and Mannesmannröhren-Werke. Both companies have a long history, stretching back hundreds of years.3 MBEUROPIPE Global ExcellenceStrengths, Solutions, Advantages6 MBProducts for the Oil and Gas IndustryEUROPIPE has a focused position in the large-diameter pipe manufacturing industry.2 MBProduction rangeEUROPIPE offers a broad range of products for the oil and gas market. Longitudinally welded line pipe is available in diameters from 508 to 1,524 mm (20” to 60”) and wall thicknesses from 7 to 45 mm (0.275” to 1.772”) and in lengths of up to 18.3 metres (60 ft).354 KBSpecial ProductsThe strengths of EUROPIPE Special Products lie in the ability to adapt our core expertise to specialist projects.998 KBLarge-diameter pipes for Optimising PipelinesWe have succeeded in making Optimising Pipelines based on large-diameter pipes one of the most economical systems for the short-term storage of natural gas.349 KBEUROPIPE CoatingEUROPIPE offers a whole range of technically optimised, cost-effective coating solutions.786 KBProduction and testing of large-diameter pipesProducing large-diameter pipe involves controlling immense forces, meeting extreme tolerances and guaranteeing quality under all circumstances. Comprehensive inspection and testing systems help us achieve, test and document this quality – step by step and with the utmost accuracy.1 MBPre-material for large-diameter pipesAll our pre-material partner facilities are equipped with the latest in technology and software to capture, transmit, archive and evaluate all relevant quality data. Our pre-material suppliers guarantee and prove full traceability, from casting to the released plate.346 KBManagement challengesQuality, health, safety and environmental protection (QHSE) are key values that help us sustain our leading position. This brochure will give an overview of our philosophy, approach and the programmes we have implemented in the QHSE fields.938 KBThe World of EUROPIPEGroup Image Brochure1 MBCode of Conduct | DEVerhaltensrichtlinie der EUROPIPE Gruppe320 KBCode of Conduct | ENGuideline for Proper Behavior of the EUROPIPE Group324 KB