Large-diameter pipes by EUROPIPE

The EUROPIPE Group is one of the largest global suppliers of welded large-diameter steel pipes for the oil & gas industry. The outside diameters of the pipes range from 24" (610 mm) to 60" (1,524 mm).

Technology and Quality

Some 2.7 million individual pipes have been manufactured. Put together, these come to 35,000 kilometres or one times the distance which Solar Impulse 2 managed during its flight around the world using only solar energy.

Becoming the market leader in tonnages and frontrunner in quality is only possible by relentlessly pursuing goals. This includes developing products further on an ongoing basis, investing in research, developing and implementing new processes and looking for new areas of applications.

EUROPIPE delivers pipes for baltic pipe poland

EUROPIPE will receive an order for the delivery of large-diameter pipes, anti-corrosion coating and concrete weight coating for the Polish offshore part of the Baltic Pipe Project. This was announced by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. The total quantity is 130.000 tons (275 km). The contract will be signed within the next weeks.

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