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Financing Supported

In the planning stage, we support customers with our existing contacts. Our active network in the financial community can bring significant benefits to our customers, while our partners appreciate the insight we can deliver in the business case.

We work with public and private export credit agencies. Long-term relationships and a good standing with these institutions make things easier when their services are required. Throughout our history, we have never had a client credit loss, which is looked upon favourably.

This also applies for all types of project securities, such as performance bonds or liability insurance. We have never had a claim lodged against us due to non-delivery or defective products, therefore we are generally able to obtain insurance cover for our pipeline projects.

Fast, proper, detailed and complete handling and documentation of all required project paperwork ensures the smooth flow and finalisation of a project, including all taxation and customs matters.

Taken together, a project in which EUROPIPE is the large-diameter pipe supplier is a project with a significantly reduced risk profile, making it easier to finance.