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Pipe Bends

The inductive bending process used here is being continuously developed and optimised by Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschungsinstitut (SZMF) in cooperation with EUROPIPE.

The expertise of the bending plant and EUROPIPE's experience ensure professional advice and care concerning inductive bends.



Buckle Arrestors

To avoid pipelines being bended or folded during offshore pipe-laying, so-called buckle-arrestors are being inserted at regular intervals. These are pipes with significantly higher wall thicknesses. They are special pipes which are either directly delivered by EUROPIPE or manufactured in collaboration with one of our trusted partners.



Corrosion protection of pipes has a very high priority for EUROPIPE. In addition to passive protection achieved by coating the pipes, we are able to install and deliver anodes for the active protection of offshore pipelines. Theses anodes are made of less noble metals and achieve the corrosion protection of pipelines in an electro-chemical process way.