Supporting Services

EUROPIPE has a wide variety of supporting services to ensure the smooth and successful completion of complex projects. Whatever the technical, logistical or financial challenges, our clients can count on us to provide the optimum outcome.


The EUROPIPE manufacturing facility has storage and loading capacity that corresponds to the capacity of the pipe mill.

For overseas projects, there are large storage capacities available at our two ports of departure (Bremen and Brake in Germany). The unloading capacity at the ports is up to seven pipe trains per day, with a loading capability of up to 800 pipes per day. This enables ships to be loaded with up to 40,000 tonnes of pipes.

Oncarriage by road to the final storage place is of course also possible, with up to 100 HGV loads per day. In the event of disruptions to the supply chain, we use alternative routes that are already in place. In addition, we organise and coordinate transfer facilities along the transportation route. We meet the highest security and quality standards to prevent the pipes from being damaged during transport. In addition, EUROPIPE has a comprehensive network of surveyors worldwide, who support our clients with a best-in-class logistics infrastructure.




Pipeline Parts

Pipe Bends

The inductive bending process used here is being continuously developed and optimised by Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschungsinstitut (SZMF) in cooperation with EUROPIPE.
The expertise of the bending plant of Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech and EUROPIPE's experience ensure professional advice and care concerning inductive bends.


Corrosion protection of pipes has a very high priority for EUROPIPE. In addition to passive protection achieved by coating the pipes, we are able to install and deliver anodes for the active protection of offshore pipelines. Theses anodes are made of less noble metals and achieve the corrosion protection of pipelines in an electro-chemical process way.

Buckle Arrestors

To avoid pipelines being bended or folded during offshore pipe-laying, so-called buckle-arrestors are being inserted at regular intervals. These are pipes with significantly higher wall thicknesses. They are special pipes which are either directly delivered by EUROPIPE or manufactured in collaboration with one of our trusted partners.

Research and development

EUROPIPE sets standards

We work every day to reaffirm our leadership in technology. Thus cooperation with various renowned research institutes such as the Salzgitter Mannesmann Research Institute (SZMF) is a matter of course. Our product development is based on market analyses as well as customer specifications and expectations – and on our own ideas and requirements too, of course.


High-strength Steel X80 and X100

We secure the development of all mechanical properties of pipes taking various design criteria into consideration. The objective is always the safe use of our pipes on challenging conditions.



We are constantly improving the mechanical and technological properties as well as the geometry of our pipes for the extreme requirements of deep-sea usage, running extensive additional tests on resistance to collapse.


Pipelines for Sour Gas Service

Pipes for sour gases are always customised to each application. Whatever these requirements are – from a high proportion of H2S to slightly sour gases – for our customers we always achieve the best mechanical and corrosion-protective combinations of properties.
The development of X70 pipes for usage with sour materials is another of our fields of research.